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About us

Mission and Vision


identifies and promotes prospective results of research and development, invests the energy of its people, experience and financial resources to bring innovative solutions into business reality, and to guarantee positive returns to authors, investors and to people and companies in the industry.

We develop and test new and progressive solutions, methods and technologies in areas of natural sciences and human needs. We are looking for authors of cutting edge ideas. We stimulate creative people, so they can see the results of their R&D work applied in real life. We support and expand new solutions with our team of creative collaborators.

We search for ways to the top.

About us

ADINIS Ltd. was founded in July, 2009.

The company is based on people with long term research and development experience. We are experienced in successfully and effectively bringing the results of research and development into the business. We are open to new solutions, new needs and problems in natural sciences, technical sciences, and environment.

The company is gradually hiring new creative staff for research, development and application of new technologies.

In-House Research & Developement of High-Tech Applications

The company ADINIS Ltd. is active mainly in the following areas

  • bioinformatics, computational biology and data analysis using advanced methods of mathematics, machine learning and computer vision
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