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Parent Prophet

A tool for automated calculation of relationship probability

Parent Prophet calculates the probability of relationship of various samples, which are stored along with markers and allele frequencies in a separate database. Parent Prophet can exactly calculate the probability of relationship for any type of relation tree using a fast inference algorithm, where the tree is internally modelled using a Bayesian network. The software contains a number of predefined formulas (motherless and classical trio) for calculation of the most common cases. The modelling of a relation tree is done through graphical user interface (GUI). Parent Prophet enables effective administration of data and analyses, as well as searching for similar samples stored in the database (which can be used for example to identify contamination by lab personnel). All of this functionality is accessed through GUI. Analyses can be exported to Excel templates.

Parent Prophet's main features

  • Standard (motherless and classical trio) and custom relationship analyses.
  • Fast inference algorithm calculating probability of custom analysis.
  • Ability to import markers, allele frequencies and samples.
  • Export of analyses reports to Excel templates.
  • Centralized database (DB) on a chosen computer, remote access to the DB.
  • Searching the DB for samples with similar genotypes already stored in the DB.
  • Customized user accounts with various privileges.


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