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is a powerful software specifically designed for fast, accurate, and reliable detection of heterozygous insertions and deletions in DNA sequences. It also easily handles all homozygous or substitution mutations.

- The analysis process is fully automated; a user just loads the files and immediately sees the results. For low quality experiments, the automated mutation detection can be easily improved by manual annotations and modifications

- Supports reference sequence imports from GenBank database.

- Provides export and automatic report generation into MS WORD documents. These features can save hours of tedious work compared to classical tools.

You can download the free limited version of InDelfinder from the link above. A single FULL license can be ordered for 990 €. We can also provide a site license with a computational server and lightweight GUI clients. To order a full license, please send your request to

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    Bioinformatics and data processing

    • ADICyt for automated clustering of flow cytometry data
    • ADprot for automated search in protein databases
    • ExProf for assembly and comparison of expression profiles
    • InDelFinder for automated search of mutations in DNA sequences
    • Logit for automatic detection of data dependencies by means of logistic regression
    • MultipluginG for extending NextGen sequencing funcionality of Geneious software
    • Parent Prophet for testing of custom relationships between people