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A mass spectrometric analysis of proteins provides basic information about the identified proteins of a studied biological organism. Output data on a specific protein are limited to the extent of a protein database record in FASTA format, which is supplemented with selected results of an actual mass spectrometric measurement. The processing and evaluation of the results includes a time consuming manual search for further data on individual proteins in available electronic databases.

A software tool ADprot was developed to automate this process. The tool enables:

  • automated search for selected data in freely available protein databases UNIPROT and NCBI, their integration with experimental results obtained by mass spectrometry and saving the data to a local database
  • loading and updating selected data on proteins downloaded from protein databases UNIPROT and NCBI
  • loading experimental data on proteins identified by mass spectrometry including sequences of peptides used for identification of individual proteins in the measurements
  • generating output reports in various formats
  • data stored either on database server or locally in file system

ADprot was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Virology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.


    Bioinformatics and data processing

    • ADICyt for automated clustering of flow cytometry data
    • ADprot for automated search in protein databases
    • ExProf for assembly and comparison of expression profiles
    • InDelFinder for automated search of mutations in DNA sequences
    • Logit for automatic detection of data dependencies by means of logistic regression
    • MultipluginG for extending NextGen sequencing funcionality of Geneious software
    • Parent Prophet for testing of custom relationships between people